Thursday, January 14, 2010

Silver mary's Big Production

This is a very difficult quest, but it is extremely worth it in the end!! It starts with Silver Mary, in Crossbones Camp on Pirate Isle. Therefore you need your 50% QP award.

You will need the following items for this quest... along with the 50% QP award.
  • 10 iron ore
  • 10 copper ore
  • 6 ebony logs
  • 6 leather strappings
  1. Talk to Silver Mary, in Crossbones Camp on Pirate Isle. She's putting on Pirates of Penzance. Offer your services... She will need a drum, a french horn, a dress with hoop skirt, an outfit for the Major General, and paint in four colors (red, yellow, green, blue)
Talk to Vern, on Jungle Isle. He lives in the very top left cabin on the road next to all the orange trees. He'll give you four white paints. To get the paints colored, talk to Nicolette, in Chillton, on Snow Isle. When you talk to her, she'll need you to get 10 iron ore, 10 copper ore, 1 box of Tine Oxide, and 1 box of chrome Oxide. To get the oxides, go talk to Arthur Templeton (Appleton's blackmisth). When you talk to Arthur, he will give you the oxides for $100. Go give them to Nicolette, along with the ores, and she'll give you the colored paints!

Dress and General's Outfit
Now go to Barb Sower, in Shellton (Turtle Isle). When you talk to her about the clothes, she'll tell you that you can talk to Harry Holterz, owner of Shellton's barn. Go straight down to him, and he'll give you the clothes. I just agreed to buy them from him for $100, so I don't know what it does if you agree to bring them back to him. Before you leave Turtle Isle, you may want to pick up 6 leather strappings for the drum.

Talk to Xamba, on Jungle Isle to get this. He'll need 6 ebony logs [you can buy, or find them in the jungle], and 6 leather strappings [Shellton has these!]. Then you can give him the stuff, and he'll give you the drum.

French Horn
Once you finish talking to Xamba, talk to him again. He'll tell you that Lucie (the bank owner right on Jungle!) may have one for you. Go to Lucie, and she will sadly say she does NOT have a French Horn anymore. But her old instructor, Grant Funds, the bank owner in Wington on Bird Isle, might. Finish talking to Lucie, then go over to Grant. He will sell you a new French Horn for $5,000.

Then, once you finally have ALL these items... go and give them to Silver Mary!

Rewards: 2 Diamond Necklaces, 2 Pearl Necklaces, 400 Quest Points

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